Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Auckland Art Gallery

We are learning about 'Landscapes' ...

To help us understand more about landscapes we went to the Auckland Art Gallery. We saw different types of landscapes painted by famous artists and we even painted our own using dye!

In the Gallery we learnt that things that are near to us in a painting will be big and things that are in the distance will be much smaller. We loved making a 'soundscape' together - we all imagined that we were inside the painting then made noises we thought we would be able to hear.

In this landscape we noticed that the objects at the front of the painting are much bigger than those in the distance

In the Studio we painted our own landscapes using three different colours of dye. We tilted our paper so that the dye mixed together and made different colours and shapes. Then we used a straw to blow the dye into all different kinds of patterns!

We really enjoyed painting our own landscapes inspired by what we saw in the Gallery!

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