Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Wild Self

We are learning to use juicy describing words in our writing. We made our own wild selves and wrote about them using lots of great adjectives. Look at our great writing below:
This is my wild self. I think I look so pretty and I have a cool t-shirt with love hearts. I love my wild self. I have two ostrich feet.
-         Scarlett


This is my wild self and I have beautiful light orange butterfly wings. For my ears I have warm fluffy polar bear ears. On top of my head I have long nice feathers. I have lots of other cool heathers around myself. I love my wild self! The background looks like a zoo because it is a zoo and a beautiful butterfly!
-         Afrina

This is my wild self. I have a lightning t-shirt. I have bat wings and awesome glasses. I have cool yellow shoes and so cool black pants.
-         Tanner

This is my wild self. I have sticky frog arms. I have spider legs and a stingray top. I have a piece of lightning on my t-shirt.

-         Shaun

If you have a smartphone you can scan these QR codes to read our stories online.

         Lucia's Wild Self                                                                                       Zeyad's Wild Self



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