Thursday, 28 November 2013

Our Flower Experiment

We have been learning about our environment and how to take care of our plants and trees. We made an experiment to see how we can affect how our plants and trees grow. We put some coloured dye into some water then placed a white rose into the water. We wanted to see what would happen to the flowers the next day.

"We have been learning about plants and how they need us and we need them." Will

"We need to treat our flowers nicely by putting them in the sun and giving them water." Tanner

"We need plants and trees to give us oxygen" Shaun

"We put coloured dye into a jar and we put some white flowers in there too. We wanted to see what would happen to the flowers." Emil

"The flowers turned red and blue from the dye." Claire

"This is because the flowers sucked up the water with the dye through their stem." Lucia

"I thought it was really fun because we got to take pictures of it." Afrina

"I learnt that we need flowers because they make the earth look beautiful" Tanner

"I learnt that it is important to look after our plants by not throwing rubbish around and looking after our water and soil." Will

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